Full Site Design,
Build & Hosting

Mission General Store

Completed 2019
Mission General Store is a small Amish grocer in St. Ignatius, Montana. The Bontreager family needed a way to highlight their deli selection, market offerings, weekly ads, and specials in their website. The site needed to be very user-friendly and easily updatable. It also features links to recipes, product information and other Amish businesses in the community. Being members of the Amish faith, the Bontragers also needed site management. OTR provides that site management on a monthly basis along with advertising management across social media platforms.

EATS Reviews

Under Construction
EATS Reviews is a brand new website created for customers to share reviews of their favorite restaurants, food trucks, bars, pubs, wineries, breweries, distilleries and coffee shops. The site is a user-friendly service that aims to connect the restaurant industry to its customers, and vice versa. Being a brand new site, our designers worked on creating a brand identity package that included the logo, a cohesive color palette, font guide and much more. The site includes clickable icons, fields where a owner or manager can claim their business and provide consumers with various details about their establishment. There is also a map that can help customers find their favorite place to get a bite or sip a drink near them.


Under Construction
Rx Formulations is a compounding pharmacy located in Mesa, Arizona. They specialize in tailoring prescriptions for all patients, even pets. The website that they had needed a bit of an update. OTR designed a site that would allow customers to purchase their supplements and book consultations. Aside from this, the site has become a hub of information on different subjects on compounding. Our designers also gave the brand identity a much needed refresh.

San Clemente Urban Farm

March 2020
At one time, San Clemente Urban Farm was a for-profit farm that recognized the need for fresh and healthy produce in their community. Since then, they have become a non-profit farm to help the people in their local area such as those who are active military or stationed at Camp Pendleton. They make fresh and nutrient dense produce available to the community. The website they needed was one that highlights what they are so passionate about — fresh produce readily available in the community. OTR designed a website that has a landing page, a contact us page, and a safe and secure means of donating funds or towers. It also has a page where you can buy seedlings for a tower of your own.

18 Summers

June 2018
12/18 – Current 18 Summers is a website dedicated to highlight full-time RV travels and the life of a family of 6 plus a dog on the road. Through the site’s features such a video, links to the Youtube channel, podcast, blog and social media, it captures the memorable life of living on the road.

Grass Roots Jamaica

Under Construction
A first of its kind Aeroponic Tower Farm in Jamaica. With a passion to see community grow together, Roxanne decided to invest in her home town of Nine Mile, Jamaica (home of Bob Marley). Grass Roots needed a site to show their passion to the community around them. The site is still in development as is the farm. The goal is to make local businesses such as hotels and resorts, as well as Nine Mile residents, aware of the availability of fresh, nutrient dense produce. We are excited to see how their story progresses. Of course, when the site is finished, you can follow them too.

Hosted Sites with
Assisted Design

Suite Travels

September 2019
Jim and Kellie are a retired couple living full time in their RV and traveling North America in a Heavy Duty RV Hauler, 5th wheel and Smart Car. This gave them the freedom to travel the continent and soak up all this beautiful land has to offer. Jim knew what he wanted the website to look like and asked OTR to help him make it into a reality. OTR was able to set them up with web hosting and create the base framework for the website. After that Jim was able to take over and finish the website on his own.

IH2 Foundation

July 2019
The IH2-Foundation is a nonprofit 501.c3 organization dedicated in helping first responders (firefighters, police officers, dispatchers and military members) who face the struggles of trauma, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the shame that first responders often feel. They are committed to helping men and women not only find the path of healing for their lives, but to help fund that path through the donations of those who partner with them. OTR hosts IH2 on our servers and put in place the major frame work of the site. During the build we assisted IH2 with support and technical advice. After it was completed we were able to hand it off to Stephen, the founder, and he keeps it updated.

Got Seedlings

October 2019
Got Seedlings is a landing page for True Garden. True Garden is located in Mesa, Arizona and allows people to purchase Aeroponic Tower Gardens so that they can enjoy the health benefits of growing their own fresh produce either in their own home or in their business. True Garden has two facets to their business model. OTR made choosing between commercial operations and residential options a cinch. Through the landing page, customers can get exactly where they want without delay.

Brand Identity
Design & Digital Assets

The Aperture Chef

May 2019
With over 20 years in the food service industry, Hal has brought a unique perspective to the captured shot. Through the lens of the camera, he is able to project the exquisite talents of chefs to an audience around the world and in their own backyard. OTR’s designers created a full branding package that included custom color palette, font guide, a stationary suite, mock ups of products with the custom logo and branding.

EATS Reviews

Under Construction
EATS is an online community where foodies can explore and experience everything their favorite food venues have to offer! OTR’s designers worked on developing a brand new website, complete branding package and more which allows them to spread the word about their unique review site for many food related industries.

Fresh Farmacist

December 2019
EATS is an online community where foodies can explore and experience everything their favorite food venues have to offer! OTR’s designers worked on developing a brand new website, complete branding package and more which allows them to spread the word about their unique review site for many food related industries.